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KEG Meeting - Everyone welcome
2018-07-01, 3pm @ 34 Titiro Moana Road


Download the updated Korokoro Valley & Belmont Regional Park Plant List.



"Rope installed for fish to 'climb'."
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KEG Meeting

1st July, 2018

There will be a KEG meeting on Sunday 1st July, 3pm at 34 Titiro Moana Road. All welcome.

The agenda so far is:

Please send any additional items to discuss to the KEG secretary.

Hutt City Council Long Term Plan

May 2018

Hutt City recently ran a consultation on its Long Term Plan for 2018–2028. Julie presented our submissions to the Mayor and Councillors at a public meeting in the Council Chambers on 16th May 2018.

School garden

May 2018

Thanks to the team of volunteers who have been helping to get the school garden in order. We held a working bee in late May to do some work on the new beds and put up a shade-house.

Second working bee at Korokoro Stream

May 2018

Thanks for all those who have volunteered for this second working bee on the stream. A slight delay in sourcing new plants has meant that we have put this off until early June.

May pest monitoring

May 2018

Paul will be out this weekend with the team of volunteers, helping monitor mustelid, rodent and hedgehog numbers in Korokoro Valley. GWRC’s reports on the May pest monitoring in the region’s Key Native Ecosystems will go on up on the website when it is received.

Community Bee Hives in Korokoro

May 2018

Lower Hutt Charity, the Common Unity Project, have agreed to come up to Korokoro in the next couple of weeks to check out a couple of sites to see if they are suitable for communal bee hives. In the event that they report on suitable sites we will discuss whether to support the Project and host the hives at the next KEG meeting.

The latest threat to Korokoro Valley from the Petone-to-Grenada Road

April 2018

Before Christmas the latest NZTA evaluation into the P2G was published. Following the Kaikoura and Wellington earthquakes the evaluation report looked at resilience and the expected costs, benefits and environmental impacts. The project evaluation queried the resilience of the preferred option and suggested that costs would be much higher than first anticipated. It also highlighted that the environmental impacts could be difficult to mitigate. The good news is that the evaluation recommends abandoning the current route; the bad news is it recommends consideration of discarded options including that of using the Korokoro Valley as a route.

KEG wrote to Minister Twyford in mid January 2018. We advocated that NZTA be steered towards more sustainable options, saying that there were good alternative ways of improving connectivity and calling on the minister to replace the discredited approach of tackling congestion through increased roading with a strategy that focusses on intelligent public and haulage transport, improved facilities for cycling and walking and public planning to reduce car use across the region. In early April the Minister responded.

We encourage you to actively oppose building a road through the Korokoro Valley.

Nets for Recycling Bins

April 2018

As we head further into autumn we face the prospect of rubbish being blown all over Korokoro from open recycling bins. The solution is for as many people as possible to use the nets which go over the bins.

Full recycling box with net

The Council have kindly provided us with lots of nets, at a reduced rate. If you or your neighbours need any please contact Daniel Jones and we will drop some round. (A contribution of $5 per net to help us cover our costs would be appreciated).

Working Bee at Korokoro Steam

April 2018

Volunteers from KEG, with help from the Growing Places charity, spent the afternoon of Sunday 1st April weeding, planting and tidying at Inanga Love Park, at the mouth of the Korokoro Stream.

Working bee group photo

The Inanga Love Park was part of 2016 Common Ground Festival. It involved restoring the unloved section of the Stream between the culvert and the sea by removing the rubbish, establishing plant-cover to help spawning native fish and creating a series of posters about the stream and its ecology.

The original plants did not thrive over the long, hot summer and the posters were starting to look tatty. So, we have cleared some weeds, done some more planting and taken the posters down.

New posters are being created. Once they are ready we will put them up and continue with the planting.

Korokoro School Gala Fair

March 2018

KEG had a stall at this year’s school gala to help raise money for the school, but we also helped reduce the waste created by the gala itself by organising compost and recycling bins and provide stall holders with suggestions for reusable/recyclable products and packaging.

With plenty of people using the bins and a reduction in the use of plastics and clingfilm this was a big step in the right direction. It was not ‘zero waste’ but we now have enough know-how to help Home and School run a genuine zero waste event next time round.

Pest Monitoring Report

February 2018

Four times each year KEG volunteers check pest monitoring tunnels in the Korokoro Valley and report results to Greater Wellington Regional Council. Korokoro Valley has been identified as one of several Key Native Ecosystems (KNE) in the Wellington Region.

The Key Native Ecosystem programme aims to protect some of the best examples of native ecosystems in the Wellington region. It is working to achieve this by managing, reducing, or removing threats to their values. One of the primary threats to native plants and animals is introduced mammals, including rats and mustelids. Control of these pest animals is therefore undertaken at most KNE sites throughout the region. Regular monitoring is carried out to determine the effectiveness of these control efforts.

The latest pest monitoring event was in February. For Belmont-Korokoro that showed that rat tracking rates were on target, mice tracking was low, mustelid tracking was absent, but Hedgehogs were up by 33%. For more details, read the latest small mammal monitoring report.

KEG Meeting

28th January, 2018

A meeting about P2G and other matters was held at the end of January. Read the minutes for this meeting for more details.


3rd December, 2017

The KEG AGM was held on 3rd December. The new committee is:

Thanks to the retiring committee members for their service.

The full minutes are available from this website.